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STEVE LEANING: Contemporary Handmade Ceramics
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Steve has taken inspiration for his latest series of ceramic work from the run down areas and buildings of our towns and cities. From the crumbling graffittied walls (Urban Decay) to the colours of faded plaster and wallpaper on half demolished buildings (UD Two). Urban Decay 3 continues the theme, but uses classical forms and shapes as reference.
As well as looking at the urban landscape Steve has also taken inspiration from the natural environment in his Landform series.
His pots are either slab built or coiled in stoneware clay. Using a combination of different clays, oxides, coloured slips and glazes with multiple firings to build up the colours and textures of the final piece.
I would rather make pots than be on the computer so if you can visit the studio you will probably find work that hasn't made it to the web site yet. Sorry I will try to keep up to date.
Steve is a member of The Society of Designer Craftsmen, The Design Factory, and Lincolnshire Open Studios. His work is exhibited and sold in several galleries in the UK and recently he was choosen to show work in both the Nottingham and Leicester Annual Contemporary Art Shows.

Urban Decay image.
Urban Decay
UD TWO image.
SL Pieces image.
SL Pieces
UD THREE image.
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Lastest Items:
UD THREE No. 7 image.
Landform 8 image.
Landform 8
UD 3 Six image.
UD 3 Six
UD THREE Two image.

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